Family Circle CO story

Read my story on carbon monoxide below: FamilyCircle-CO

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Cool Real Estate – Including Warm Weather Escapes!

Love checking out cool, unusual or just plain amazing homes and other real estate? Check out some of my “cool homes” spotlights for HGTV. One of my favorites is this Laguna Beach estate.

Financial Aid: Are You Better Off Earning Less?

Rachel Dickinson was shocked when she realized her family would be paying more than $20,000 a year for her daughter to attend college. An author from upstate New York, she had assumed, as a lower middle-class household of six, they would be eligible for more financial aid. “I felt like I fell into the trap […]

Pawn Shop Basics: What You Need to Know

If you’ve found yourself needing some quick cash recently, you may have considered heading to a pawn shop. You’re not alone. The bad economy has prompted many people to visit a pawn shop for the first time. “We are seeing more people who have never been in a pawn shop before looking for short term […]

Make Money by Simply Driving your Car

You probably have heard stories about businesses that will pay you just to drive around with an advertisement on your car, but do these opportunities really exist? And, if so, how do you find them? They’re called “free car” programs or “get paid to drive” promotions. These programs do exist, although they aren’t as plentiful […]

Spin-Offs Can Spell Big Money

Okay, by popular demand (LOL!) I’ve put together a few of my thoughts on spin-offs. While you won’t get the full effect of my ASJA ramblings — both because this will be only the highlights, and because you’re also missing out on my creative visual aids (the one made by my son actually got a […]

Don’t Believe All the Writing Experts

In a recent post to a list serv, I expressed my skepticism about the woman who runs a writers’ website and their database/newsletter. Although she claims to have “more than 30 years” writing experience, her database and newsletter are often so riddled with errors and out-of-date info (although the “updates” are presented as breaking news) […]

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