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Celebrity Interviews:

The Game: Bobbi recently joined this controversial rapper on a trip to Harlem, where things got tricky when a brawl broke out. (Penthouse interview)
What’s it like to interview an animated character? Bobbi found out when she quizzed Peter Griffin of the hit series Family Guy for Playboy.
Bobbi interviewed NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson for a celeb profile in Muscle & Fitness
Pro wrestler Goldberg. He’s built like a Mack truck, but has a soft spot for animals and kids. But don’t be fooled – tick him off, and he’ll crush you like an empty beer can (and don’t even think about touching his bikes). Bobbi sat down with the wrestling legend for this Penthouse interview.
Robert Guillaume – The beloved actor has suffered some recent health setbacks, but that hasn’t affected his wonderful spirit. Bobbi spoke with Robert for Diabetes Interview magazine.
Poison lead singer Bret Michaels (Diabetes Interview)
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Bobbi has done travel features for numerous national publications including Men’s Edge, The Union, Hemispheres and others.


Backyard Wrestling (Parents)

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Bobbi has done several consumer/business stories for The NY Times, Fortune Small Business, Arthur Frommer’s Smart Shopping and many other major publications.
Pokemon Investigation (Times Leader/Knight Ridder)
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Sex and Relationships

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Good Fat, Bad Fat (Muscle Media)
The Real Skinny About Diet Supplement Ads (Muscle Media)

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She Lost Her Sight, But Gained a New Purpose (Family Circle)
One Good Deed Deserves Another (Muscle Media)

Business Profiles:

Michael Poehner, Fujitsu Consulting CEO (Continental)


She thought her baby would be safe. She careful bundled him up and strapped him into his carseat. The car never moved from its parking spot, but moments later, her beloved baby boy was dead. This moving story was part of a special report on carbon monoxide poisoning that Bobbi did for Family Circle.