About Me

When not catering to the needs of a demanding Pug named Pepper, Bobbi Dempsey is a writer/editor for numerous major publications including NY Times, Redbook, Parents, Muscle & Fitness, Playboy, Penthouse and Wealth Manager Рas well as Web sites like MainStreet.com and Bankrate.com. She is also the author of nearly a dozen nonfiction books on topics ranging from poker to real estate.

Bobbi began her journalism career as a reporter and consumer writer for a daily newspaper, where she created several popular series. She has also served as a senior writer for MarketingSherpa, where she created toolkits, handbooks and other interactive content on marketing-related topics.

She specializes in interviewing celebrities, CEOs and other high-profile people. Her quest to add a creative twist to these interviews has led to such adventures as getting caught in a gangfight between rival rapper posses in Harlem and eating mac & cheese with a sports figure’s kids. Once dubbed a “news magnet” by one of her editors, Bobbi has made a speech at the White House, was knocked over by Donald Trump at the Taj Mahal Casino and has been assured by a high-profile rapper that she would have a “ghetto pass” should she ever find herself in Compton.

In addition, Bobbi frequently writes about personal finance and loves helping people become savvy consumers and discover new ways to save money. Inspired by the challenge of keeping her own kids in school, she is currently focused on writing about financial aid and paying for college. She also launched the site BrokeParents.com to help share tips on ways to save and make money.

In keeping with the college theme, Bobbi recently returned to college herself, fulfilling a long-delayed goal of finally completing her bachelor’s degree at Penn State. As a result, she is well-versed on topics related to adult learners.

Bobbi hopes to someday move to a secluded beach bungalow where she cannot be reached by email, IM or cell phone – but yet can still get a satellite signal to sustain her addiction to bad reality TV. There, with an endless loop of 80s music blasting in the background, she will finally finish the young adult novels she’s been secretly working on.

Until then, she would be happy to help with any of your writing or content management needs.